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My Story

Lauren Weigold
Barre & Kick It Instructor 

My name is Lauren and I'm a mother of two living in the South Shore of MA. 

My workout routine definitely wasn't always a priority. I grew up dancing and cheerleading and when I went to college, working out was a way of punishing myself for what I ate, or trying to get 'in shape' for an event (spring break, dinner cocktails, summer etc). 

Then I walked into a barre studio and fell in love. There were women of all shapes and sizes moving together and smiling while doing so! The class ended in a meditative cooldown which I've never experienced before. I'll never forget that experience of feeling both confident and relaxed. I have anxiety and have dealt with it most of my life, so that feeling of peace in my mind was incredible. 

Years later after trying many similar classes and finding a routine that worked for me through pregnancy, postpartum, and as a busy mom of two, I was encouraged by my instructor to get certified. 

I got certified in both Barre and Kick It by Eliza, which is a music driven cardio kickboxing class that is totally badass! Both formats are for everyBODY, with different options depending on your fitness comfort level. Both end with my beloved meditative cooldown. 

My goal as an instructor is to help every participant feel the way I did in that first class. To start class together, sweat it out, and end class with a chance to lie down, relax and focus on their breath. To create a community of women that cheer each other on and raise each other up when needed. 

When you Rise, we all Rise. When you Shine, we all Shine. 


Find your confidence. Find your happy. 

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